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I’m playing around in the electronic sandbox because I’d like to assign blogging as part of my summer class. I’m more of a Twitter girl myself. I like the rapid-fire sharing of ideas as well as the minimal time commitment. Blogging seems to take more focus. But I’ve heard good things from friends who’ve taught classes with blogging components, and I’m super interested in figuring out how to make English class writing relevant in a sphere other than English classes. So I’ve been asking around, researching, and thinking about how and why this City Cultures class blog will come to pass. Here are a few of the resources I’ve found so far:

Pedagogy and the Class Blog: Mark Sample’s take on how class blogging should be rationalized, hosted, and graded

A couple of Prohacker posts that focus on management and evaluation

Lessons from a first-Time Course Blogger



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May 1, 2012 · 5:11 pm

Alternate titles

Dead-wall reveries (There’s already a blog with this name, though it’s in German.)

Unsweet Tea (Too bitter, too Southern)

Stirring Occasionally (I thought I’d set a higher bar for myself.)


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